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Construction Laser Levels Explained

Due to a large selection of laser levels in the market today, it can be hard to point out the best laser level for builders, it all bothers down to your specific construction needs. Spot lasers for instance may be the best option for plumbers, while combination lasers that emit lines and spots can be a great choice for multi-dimensional construction works. Rotary lasers can also be used for all kinds of construction works, including grading, layout works, and masonry. The best laser level will largely depend therefore on your type of construction job. Below are some things you should know about construction laser levels.

What are Construction Lasers Used For?

Construction laser levels are essential where layouts and level references are needed to accomplish tasks. It doesn’t matter whether you use the best laser level or not, for your construction works, what matters is accuracy and reliability. For construction works, common indoor applications of construction laser levels include; leveling floors, alignment, and plumbing of walls, ceiling installations, measurement of door and window heights, installation of drop ceilings, installation of chair rails, and wainscoting, alignment of chairs and cabinets, and trims.

For outdoor applications, the best laser level for builders can be used for basic surveys, check level posts on beams, decks, and porches, masonry alignment, site layouts, check land elevations, grading for drainage and irrigation, alignment of fences and posts, and contour farming.

Basic Models of Construction Laser Levels Explained

The plumb or dot lasers are construction laser levels that can create single or multiple dots on work surfaces, hence they serve as a reference or laser plumb bob. Plumb or dot laser levels may become the best laser level for installing kitchen cabinets and for other minor indoor jobs.

Line laser levels or laser line generators emit a single line or cross-hair laser type in one direction and on a work surface. They are also used indoors mostly and are usually a small handheld type of laser level that can be positioned on a desk, sawhorse, or ladder. They may be assembled on a jamb pole or any other laser platform that extends from floor to ceiling. Line laser levels may be the best laser level for installing kitchen cabinets and for many other applications that require straight-line alignments.

Rotary level lasers are excellent laser levels for outdoor construction works. They emit line lasers at 360-degree angles and they cover an extensive range of distances. They are normally mounted on strong mounting tripods or laid on their sides if you want a vertical line projection. Even the best cross line laser level may not be as efficient for construction as a rotary laser level because a rotary laser level supports multitasking.

You may need to use a laser receiver alongside your construction laser levels when working outside, this will aid visibility and accuracy. You can also find the best cross line laser level highly useful for construction-related works like landscaping, electrical installations, and plumbing works. Construction laser levels may also come as manual-leveling and auto-leveling options.


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