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A Simple Guide To Register Your Pet as an ESA - 2022 Guide

All you need to experience this feeling is to register your pet as an ESA. The registration gives you legal authorization to keep your pet with you all the time and even in places where pets are usually prohibited. It gives you an ESA letter that you can show to your landlord or any building administration that forbids the housing or traveling of a pet. If you’re interested in knowing how to register your pet as an ESA, then continue reading.

Do you know that you can keep a pet as an emotional support animal? If you are going through a challenging time due to a mental health disorder or other similar situation and are in a need of companionship, keeping a pet for such a purpose is the most effective therapeutic treatment. ESAs are more than just pets. They are your non-judgmental companions who offer you unlimited love and support and lift your mood in a way that a person cannot do.

I know that having a pet for emotional support sounds unreal but it's not. You can actually have an ESA and enjoy all the perks they bring along. Imagine having a living and breathing fluff ball around you all the time which not only keeps you company in your lonely days but also understands your mood swings and treats you accordingly. This certainly feels heavenly.

Four Basic Steps to Register Pet as an ESA

The process of registering a pet as an ESA is not very complex, but there are few requirements that must be met to make you eligible. One thing that you must remember is that an emotional support animal letter is not given to everyone. If you think that you can keep your pet as an ESA without solid justification then you're wrong.

You must have some mental disorder or emotionally challenging condition to make you eligible for keeping an ESA. You cannot just keep a pet with you all the time and in "no pets allowed" places only for fun. Besides, the mental disorder that you have must be of a nature that can be treated with ESA therapy. Otherwise, there'll be no purpose in getting a pet for emotional support if it cannot treat or ease your condition.

Step 1: Consult a certified therapist or counselor

The first step to registration is in consultation with an expert and licensed mental health experts such as a counselor or a therapist. There are other mental health experts as well that you can consult. Nevertheless, you must remain cautious of scammers who pretend to be licensed professionals but are not.

To ensure that the counselor you're seeing is not bogus, ask for his license number and other professional details that can give you the authorization of his or her legitimacy.

During the consultation, the therapist will review your mental and emotional state and assess if your condition makes you eligible for the letter or not. It is at the sole discretion of the mental health expert to recommend you the esa letter for housing. However, he/she will be responsible to give a valid justification in case the recommendation is rejected.

Step 2: Process the application

After consulting the therapist and understanding the therapeutic treatments available to you based on your mental or emotional state, you choose ESA therapy. You then write an application to your counselor and request him/her to give you the letter.

In case you need customization of your letter depending upon your landlord's requirement or any airline agency, you mention the customization details in your application. If you want, you can request your therapist to specify the pet that you require such as an emotional support animal letter or a cat. You can use both traditional means and digital means like e-mail to send this application to your counselor.

Step 3: Application review

The next step is the application review stage. Your counselor reviews the application you wrote in this stage and assesses whether your request for an ESA is valid or not. The counselor also evaluates the customized elements that you requested to be included in your recommendation letter and checks if the customization can be made or not.

Step 4: Approval of Application

The final stage in the registration of a pet as an ESA is the approval of the application. After reviewing the application, the counselor either accepts or rejects the application. If the application is approved, you receive the emotional support animal letter in either hard or soft form.

Once you have received the letter, you consider your pet as a registered emotional support animal. You can show the letter to your landlord or any other person who has the authority to question your pet’s presence on certain premises. Having this letter makes the accommodation of pets at a certain location so much easier.

The above-mentioned four steps of registering an ESA pet are although simple but could take some time. The process can not be completed overnight because the mental health expert is professionally and legally required to comprehensively assess your situation and take into consideration all the elements that may influence the recommendation of the letter, which certainly takes time.

Be cautious of online ESA agencies who offer to provide you the letter in no time. Such agencies are a scam because no one can produce a legitimate recommendation letter for you in a day.

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